Saturday, April 29, 2017

ArcPro Aerial Image

Here are three images of the Chernobyl, Ukraine where looked at the forest fire and the water.  Here we were looking at the forest fire scars.  I actually like using ArcPro for how easy it is to learn the location of all the tools.  It was just like using ArcGIS Online since the layouts where very similar.

Ground Truthing Map

Here is a map of Pascagoula, Mississippi which was used in the Land Classification Map.  I made Random Points all over the map to determine how accurate I was in the classifying the areas.  To calculate my accuracy I divided the incorrect points by the correct ones and then multiplied it by one hundred.

Land Classification Map

Here is a Land Classification map where had to label the commercial, residential and etc. areas.  Here we had to the learn the Level I and II codes to land classification.  I did use Level III but it was only for the marsh category.

Supervised Map

Here is a map of Germantown, Maryland which is supervised.  The difference between the unsupervised map is that the supervised map now does not contain the mix category. We used the Red, Green, and Blue Bands to alter the color schemes in the classification.

Unsupervised Map

Here is an Unsupervised Map of UWF that I made.  Here it was difficult because there were areas that I know they are a building.  However, some of the buildings are being classified as grass.  This is where the mix category comes in.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Spatial Enhancment Map

With this map we had to minimize the black stripes through the map and have to be able to determine the objects.  In order to do that we have to use the focal statistics tool on ArcMap to minimize the stripes.  When I used the tool, for the statistics type I used 7x7 mean to minimize the lines through the map.

Monday, March 6, 2017

Thermal Map

The above image is a thermal map that I made to identify two different objects.  We can see the airport with the heat reflecting off the airport.  The other feature can be identified by the heat is the fire.  The reason why is that the heat is concentrated in one area and it is not spread out throughout the map.